Orin Langelle at a national anti-war demonstration

The Board of the Will Miller Social Justice Lecture Series will fund travel for an individual who can not afford to attend a national demonstration which supports the issues outlined in their Mission Statement and is locally organized in Vermont. Will habitually attended national anti-war and social justice protests when ever he was able, and this award continues this tradition in his name.

Individuals who attend these national demonstrations, will be asked to write about their experiences for this web page. If these individuals speak to others about their experience, the Board requests that the Lecture Series be acknowledged, in order to bring awareness of the Lecture Series to a wider audience.

A Lecture Series t-shirt will be awarded to the person receiving this award. The Board requests that a photo be taken of each individual for our archives to be placed on the web site.

Notification of availability of this funding will be shared with local Vermont groups organizing to attend these demonstrations. The Board may choose to fundraise for this specific project if the request for funding becomes substantial.

Visit the WM Memorial Bus Seat Blog to read about participant’s experiences and impressions.